Don’t forget the BUG’s

TermitesWell I did it.....

I wasn't thinking and I wrote a contract without making sure I had a "Bug" contingency, specifically Termites that is. How one earth did I do that? It's called "not paying attention".  I'm constantly harping on my 5 year old daughter about paying attention. Do you think I'll mention to her I wasn't paying attention? not likely as she'll use it against me for forever and a day.

I don't know the extent of the damage yet, I'm referring to the financial damage here but the good news is most of the damage was in an area we were going to renovate anyway. And the double good news is that it's old damage and not an active infestation. Termite inspections only cost about $450 and I could have driven a much harder bargain having that information in hand.

Ironically, I looked right at the damage and again, I just wasn't paying attention. I was so excited that I'd found a really solid house with a lot of expensive items already updated, such as a new roof and boiler that the damage went in right in one eye and right out the other.

Ok, we'll let it be a lesson well learned and it won't happen again. I'll see if I can still get a picture of the damage and post it; assuming it's not already been pulled out by the contractor. Don


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