About Us

How did we get here?

Becoming a real estate investors was as much a need for diversification, safety, saving for the future, preparing for the inevitable as much as it was a curiosity. 

Wait that sounds like what we've been told to do all our lives!

Let me fill in some details. 

After several years of preparation, in the fall of 1980 at the age of 17, I became a Thoroughbred Race Horse Jockey. You know, one of the those little short guys that ride in the Kentucky Derby. I was fortunate enough to blast out of the starting gate and became the number one young Jockey the U.S. in 1981 in my first year and continued on to be one of the most successful Jockey's in my home state of Maryland for many years to come. 

If you have an familiarity with horse racing you'll already know but if you have an imagination at all you'll understand. Although we are accustomed to seeing the pageantry and beauty of the horses competing in the Triple Crown races with the beautiful women wearing their gorgeous hats and outfits (unless you are Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore for the Preakness Stakes - where the infield party is the side show), riding race horses is extremely dangerous!  

Imagine, going 40 miles and hour with as many as 19 other horses beside you, in front of you but more importantly behind you. All you have between you and death is the horse under you. You're posed on the balls of your feet and guiding these 1000 pound animals with a rein in each hand that is no bigger than a thick belt. It's when something goes wrong, well it's not pretty. A 1000 pound animal falling a 40 miles and hour is bad enough, but having one fall on you is a really, really bad day.  Very fortunately for me, I never had one of those really, really bad days!


What does this have to do with real estate?

I was able to do well financially from the start of my riding career but a huge challenged developed. No one I knew had a clue as to how to deal with it. Because I was making a lot of money, guess who was my partner in every dollar I made? As a matter of fact, it was my 50-50 partner, yep you guessed it. Uncle Sam aka, the IRS. Because I had absolutely no deductions whatsoever until I nearly 20 years old, I had no way to minimize the financial damage my partner was causing. Imagine your income now and the imagine how your life would be impacted if you had to give 1/2 of it to other people whether you liked it or not. 

This is where real estate came in. It was the only way to make money on an investment and reduce my tax liability at the same time. So real estate became a vehicle for me to save money, diversify my income, save for my retirement (if I didn't get myself killed before I got there) and prepare for the time that would inevitably require a career change; injury or loss of that edge that all professional athletes eventually loose. 

What started out as something completely different....

From those initial years as a passive investor with approximately 15 rental units, I went on to work with a real estate auction company after retiring from riding race horses, to owning the auction company, to getting a real estate brokers license and full circle to being an investor again. Only this time it was as an "Active" investor. And this is where my education started. I hope you will join me on the journey and I'm even more hopeful that you will be able to take away some good lessons from what I've learned or failed to learn, as the case may be.

Let's make this journey a good one. Don