Learning real estate one wrong turn at a time

Don Miller Jr | Real Estate InvestorExcel Real Estate Investors, "Excel REI", is simply a way for us to help others learn about investing in real estate by offering up lessons learned along the way, oftentimes the hard way. 

It's safe to say we've learned a few things, wished we'd known a lot of things, certainly forgotten a fair share but more importantly-have never forgotten that there is so much yet to learn. Just thinking back to the 80's when we started and the unbelievable ups and downs the real estate market has taken since then and it still amazes me that I still consider myself a real estate investor.

We'll use personal stories from the past, some interesting things we are learning now and some thoughts about the future in a bid to help anyone willing to indulge us.  I doubt we'll have anything truly profound to say but we have no doubt you'll be able to find a valuable nugget or two to either use for your benefit or save yourselves some grief. Even now as I start thinking about it, there are so many stories to tell, dreams coming to fruition and those that crashed and burned.

You can learn more about us here and we're pretty certain some of it will surprise you.  We started on our journey at being a real estate investor without a road map and without a clear direction but somehow we managed to find our way - ultimately figuring out how to at least make a living at it. Investing in real estate is not easy but its rewarding and it gives one a lot of flexibility to live your life as you dream.

We'll hope you'll join us as we continue our journey navigating the constant turns the real estate market continues to take. We hope you are able to add your thoughts, your real estate question and certainly your dreams. We can use each other to learn how to be successful investors and build our real estate portfolios in a thoughtful and meticulous way.

Here's to yours and ours continued real estate investing success!  Don